Jeff Mole ( DHL - Returns Manager)






Dave Burnett ( DHL - Process Manager)









A sample of what my previous managers say about me.



I have known Allen Gapara for approximately ten years and have been his direct Manager for the past two years. I find his attitude to his role within the returns department very good. Allen has a positive attitude towards all the work he undertakes and is quick to learn new techniques or procedures which are brought in on a regular basis due to the nature of our business. Allen can work on his own initiative and also as part of a team. I would not hesitate to recommend Allen for anything he wished to pursue as I am confident he would succeed and achieve his goal.

Jeff Mole (Returns Manager - May 2010)



I am currently Allen's Senior Manager on shift. Due to my role being flexible across all shifts I have worked with Allen on various occasions. Allen is a valued member of his team who consistently and accurately meets his daily KPI's. Whilst at work Allen conducts himself in a professional manner at all times. I am sure that Allen would give 100% commitment to any course he has chosen for and pass with ease.

Dave Burnett (Process Manager - May 2010)