About me

a bit about me

I am a qualified marketer, with a passion for Data Analysis. I have been a business intelligence analyst since finishing my MSc in Business Information Systems in 2012. . I have been mainly involved with Tableau, Tableau Prep, SQL Server, SSIS, SSRS, SPSS, Excel, Power Pivot and Power Query.


The following makes me a brilliant Data Analyst:


My Passion for Data

The success of any business is driven by how you measure Key Performance Indicators (KPI). With KPIs the business success is planned and without KPIs, failure often comes as a surprise.

The data that the business has, is its life history. It contains information from where the business is coming from. It will also provide clues where the business is going. Trying to make sense of all the data is where I come in.

Through data mining, I can extract, from the mass of data, useful information about individuals, trends, and segments.

Data mining uses sophisticated statistical and mathematical techniques such as cluster analysis (grouping objects to ensure that objects in the same group or cluster are more similar to one another than to those in other groups), predictive modelling (forecasting outcomes of uncertain events), and cognitive modelling (simulating human decision making and problem solving using a computerized model).


What makes me different?

I believe in connecting with customers, informing, engaging and maybe even energizing them in the process. Customer centred companies have a better chance of outperforming the competition.I am an empathic listener. Some of the advantages of empathic listening are; you really know what the customer/boss wants, builds trust and respect in teamwork, encourages the surfacing of information and creates a safe environment that is conducive to collaborative problem solving.


I believe one of the aims of Data analysis is to make selling superfluous. It is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself. Ideally, this should result in a customer who is ready to buy. All that is then needed, is to make the product or service available.